Week 6

October 5

Intellectual Property, Credit Lines

Handouts (as PDFs unless otherwise indicated)

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Objectives (Universal)

  1. Discuss the issues surrounding the use of Flickr in the classroom and methods to address some of the issues.**
  2. Define and explain the differences between the different Creative Commons Licenses.**
  3. Define and explain the differences between the following terms: copyright, public domain, creative commons, royalty free, and no known restrictions.**
  4. Provide specific examples of materials that are likely to be in the public domain.**
  5. When given a scenario that includes material with a particular Creative Commons license, describe how to comply with that license.**
  6. When given an image, determine whether using that image would be fair use for the particular instructional material.**
  7. When given a scenario, determine whether a particular piece of media can be used, the appropriate credit line if it can be used and the appropriate location of the credit line if it can be used.**

Objectives (Selection Lists)

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