Week 3

February 8
CEN 3815

RSS, ES 380 Web Site, QR Codes

Handouts (as PDFs unless otherwise indicated)

Useful Links


  • Finish your review of The Mac is Not a Typewriter for a short practice next Monday or Tuesday
  • The Style Manual Quiz is next Wednesday or Thursday
  • News/Blogs Assignment
  • Selection List: QR Codes in the Classroom
  • Selection List: QR Codes and Your EL
  • Everyone MUST post their web site URL to the form by 4:00 Friday February 12; failure to do so will result in the loss of 5 points.

Objectives (Universal)

  1. Produce a basic web site.
  2. Describe three ways you can use RSS feeds for your professional development and three ways they can be used for your professional productivity (as a teacher, not a college student).**
  3. Subscribe to and read at least 2 RSS feeds relevant to your professional development.
  4. Define these terms: RSS, XML, feed, subscribe, blog (weblog), aggregator and news reader.**

Objectives (Selection Lists)

  1. Design and produce a document that incorporates QR codes that lead to URLs and text information.
  2. Design and develop a lesson plan that has students use QR Codes for learning and assessment.

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Last updated February 4, 2016