Week 1

September 2

Course Introduction, H Drive Set Up, Course Philosophy, Selection List Options

Handouts (as PDFs unless otherwise indicated)

Useful Links


  • Extra Credit Technology Survey, (survey link) (optional)
  • Reread/Review The Mac is Not a Typewriter (Style Manual); there will be a quiz on the content in a few weeks AND you must apply this style manual for all print materials you produce during the semester
  • Read Hide and Seek for next Wednesday or Thursday
  • Read Finding Your Way for next Wednesday or Thursday
  • Set up a GMail account by 4:00 Friday September 4 if you don’t currently have one. You will need to log into your account in class next week so don’t forget your user name or password!
  • Everyone MUST post their GMail user name to the section form (listed below) by 4:00 p.m. Friday September 4; failure to do so will result in the loss of 5 points and inability to sign up for selection list options.

Objectives (Universal)

  1. Organize files, directories and subdirectories on a network drive appropriately for this course and for a web site.
  2. Analyze and critically evaluate technologies in terms of potential use: professional development, professional productivity and students using technology for collaborating, creating and communicating.**
  3. Apply the Dos and Don’ts presented in, The Mac is Not a Typewriter, to the production of all print, web, multimedia and projected instructional materials.
  4. Identify the Dos and Don’ts presented in, The Mac is Not a Typewriter, when given an excerpt. State and describe the guidelines listed in the style manual.**
  5. Describe geocaching and GPSr devices.**
  6. Define terms associated with geocaching and GPSr devices including: travel bug, offset caches, multi-caches and virtual caches.**

Objectives (Selection Lists)

  1. None

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